The Westside is considered by many to be positioned well as an up-and-coming community in Ventura. In close proximity to both Ojai and Santa Barbara, with easy access to downtown, the Ventura Prominade and favorite beaches. A beautiful bike path runs through the community, running to Ojai in one direction, and Carpinteria in the other. Recent upscale residential developments, including The Ventura Cannery and Solana Heights, are attracting more and more homeowners to the area. An exciting mix of businesses also adds to the neighborhood’s flavor. The Cultural District is home to the heart and soul of Ventura’s art community, with three unique art venues, Art City, Bell Arts Factory, and Stoneworks Studios. Every year ArtWalk Ventura is one of the community’s signature events, attracting thousands of visitors and artists. Prominent retailer Patagonia opened its very first store on the Westside in 1975, now housing one of its corporate headquarters there. Opportunity awaits those looking to make the unique Westside area their home.

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